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We source the finest coffees from producers and importers who share our values in transparency, sustainability and giving back to local communities.

We help bring their great coffee to your cup.

We are a family business, based in the heart of Central London. Our love affair with coffee led us travelling around Central and South America, visiting plenty of coffee plantations along the way. We were already seasoned coffee drinkers, but as we sampled the variety of flavours on our travels our love of coffee grew into something more. This led us down the rabbit hole of the coffee industry.

Spending time with the dedicated farmers and their families, learning about the whole coffee process was incredibly inspiring. Seeing how much hard work, love and skill goes into creating the perfect tasting coffee from seed to cup, deepened our appreciation for those little magic brown beans.

We wanted to dig deeper into how we could help these producers and farmers get their unique, high quality flavours and aromas to the UK's coffee lovers. And so here we are with Greenbeans Project. 

We provide an over market premium back to the coffee pickers who use the funds to assist their local communities. That is why for every bag of coffee we sell, we give back directly to producing farms. This model will help to ensure a more sustainable and environmentally supportive coffee industry.

​We hope we can share in your journey to find your new favourite coffee.



One initiative in particular we are delighted to support is the Medical Mission in Costa Rica.

Click below, if you would like to know more. 

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