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Tarrazú, Costa Rica

This beautiful estate in Tarrazú, belongs to the third generation of a coffee producing family. They grew up around meal time conversations "all about coffee", weekend picnics were on coffee farms. "Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!"


Their focus is on the final cup. Developing and taking advantage of all ingredients through the traditional practice of preparation, in order to bring out the coffee's characters from Mother Nature. Much like the wine maker does to the grape.


The coffee is grown under shade, and the cherries picked when ripe, to float, pulp and "fully" ferment the parchment. Then washed in clean water, dried slowly and the parchment is rested for a minimum of 60 days. Once gently peeled, the beans are graded by size, weight and colour.


They are keen protectors of the land, utilising shade, controlling weeds, composting and returning only clean water to the river. Being socially responsible, they pay individuals a premium, (with help from t